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Congratulations on finding the Motorcycle Consumer News web site! We've been working hard on it and hope you find it useful and informative.

The main mission of our site is to introduce MCN to those who may not have heard of us yet by showing them sample articles and departments from the monthly print-version of MCN. But of course this site is also for our readers, who already enjoy receiving MCN each month in their mail box. Soon we hope to add interactive areas for subscribers, with discussion focused on articles or issues of current interest. We also welcome your suggestions as to what sorts of forums would be most useful to you, so let me know.

Over time we hope the site will grow into a multi-faceted resource for the motorcycling web public and a vital supplement for subscribers of Motorcycle Consumer News. You may be wondering about the lack of color. The black and white "look" of our site is consistent with our core mission to bring you real, useful information, not flash fashion... Something you also won't see on our site is advertising. Motorcycle Consumer News is wholly supported by our readers, who expect us to be unswayed by industry influences on reporting.

So sit back, relax and browse. Welcome to the magazine that puts your interests first. We hope you will find features worth bookmarking for reference, such as our events calendar (updated monthly) and our Used Bike Value Guide. If you like what you find here, consider subscribing, and tell your friends about the site. Word of mouth is our best friend.

This site is your resource. Please send us your feedback on how you like the site and what you would like to see added.

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The internet is awash in content, but not all content is equal. Unlike other sites, we don't trust untrained bloggers to be medical experts. We don't allow stagnant, outdated information to remain live.

  1. All medical articles on the Animal Network sites are sourced or written by professional  veterinarians  who specialize in that particular animal.

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  3. New medical articles are updated monthly on our sites.


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  2. All Animal Network sites are supported by a print publication, typically the leader in its field, covering the topic. Website content follows the same stringent policies and procedures of the print publications.

  3. Our contributors and editors are networked and connected to the top veterinary researchers, behaviorists, nutritionists and innovators in rescue and other fields. What we provide isn't just good information, it is the best information available on a topic.


  1. All articles are edited by professional editors.

  2. Editors at Animal Network.com must have a degree in English or journalism.

  3. Many of the editors at Animal Network.com have more than 10 years experience in the pet industry and community.

  4. All Animal Network articles are edited to AP Style (Associated Press Style) the same as all other professional news publications.

  5. The editorial leadership of Animal Network sites has more than 20 years experience in covering the pet community and industry.

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  1. Education is the key to creating responsible pet owners, which is vital to addressing many of the issues in the pet world. Animal Network content promotes responsible pet ownership and educates its audience on the best thrive standards for pets.

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  2. Animal Network News Division has news journalists who  report to a news director. The news director has more than 17 years experience covering the pet industry.



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Motorcycle Consumer News' website serves as an example of the kind of material to be found in the published version of MCN, but does not and will not ever carry all of the content provided within the published version. Feel free to use and enjoy the information provided here, but remember it is only a small sampling of the information provided to our subscribers.
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