Friday, April 19, 2019

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Design Opportunity Missed

It has been a while since I deliberately kicked a hornets’ nest. For some time now, I have tried, and to an extent succeeded,...

Yamaha YZF-R3

A SCALED-DOWN version of the company’s popular and successful R1 and R6 models comes with a 321cc twin-cylinder engine, available with or...

Readers’ Technical Questions

A friend advised I pick up a power pack jump starter this past summer, before I left on a cross-country ride of about 6000...

Can Am Ryker

With the Spyder, Can-Am presented the helmet and handlebar crowd perhaps the most luxurious ground-based vehicle without a steering wheel. With two wheels in...

Aerostich Cousin Jeremy Riding Suit

IN A NOD TO THE CURRENT CRAZE for everything retro, Aerostich’s new Cousin Jeremy suit is essentially a Roadcrafter Classic constructed of a lovely deep tan...

Americade Rally 2018

IT'S TRUE, I have attended the past 27 Americades. I still haven’t experienced all the activities offered at this landmark event, but considering my...

Arai Corsair X

ARAI'S CORSAIR X REPRESENTS the Japanese manufacturer’s top of the line offering, and it’s quite a lid! Its Peripheral Belting & Structural Net Composite...

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Design Opportunity Missed

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