Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Hugo Moto Kits Transform Harleys into Scramblers

Have you wished Harley-Davidson would make a scrambler? Does the torque and rumble of a Harley V-twin excite you, but the cruiser ergonomics leave you wanting? Hugo Moto has created three bolt-on kits that...

Fuel Chemistry

LAST MONTH, WE looked briefly at how crude oil is refined—separated into different chemical groups by molecular weight, from dark, sludgy bitumen (for asphalt and tar paper) to fine gases like butane (for pocket...

Bike Check

AFTER A DAY OF ROCK-HOPPING, bashing the skid plate and banging the handlebars, or even a soft-butt day of 400-500 miles on interstates, the last thing I want to do is crawl around on...

Intimate Involvement With Machines

IS YOUR MOTORCYCLE a twin? I don’t mean a V-twin, parallel twin or opposed twin. I mean your twin. Does it accurately and precisely reflect your real personality? Or does it represent the exact...

Legends: Craig Vetter

36 JANUARY 2015 // MOTORCYCLE CONSUMER NEWS Born in 1942, Craig Vetter is one of those people that sees things that others do not. “I always liked airplanes. I thought I would go to...

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