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BMW R1250 GS

Don’t mess with a good thing. The stalwart BMW R 1100 GS launched way back in 1994. With only two prior updates (R 1150 GS in 1999 and R 1200 GS in...

Can Am Ryker

With the Spyder, Can-Am presented the helmet and handlebar crowd perhaps the most luxurious ground-based vehicle without a steering wheel. With two wheels in front and one in the rear, the Spyder has provided...

The Harley-Davidson Barometer

Harley-Davidson announced a showroom full of new bikes in July. None of these vehicles will be available for purchase for at least another year, so why all the commotion? Thanks to market share, the...

Shoei NEOTEC II Bluetooth Flip-up helmet

THE NEOTEC II helmet, new to the North American market, can be equipped with a specially developed, SENA-exclusive SRL Bluetooth Communication System designed for seamless integration with the NEOTEC II. The NEOTEC II is...

Arai Corsair X

ARAI'S CORSAIR X REPRESENTS the Japanese manufacturer’s top of the line offering, and it’s quite a lid! Its Peripheral Belting & Structural Net Composite 2 (PB-SNC2) shell is hand-built from Arai’s latest generation of...

Spot Gen 3 locator

I REVIEWED THE FIRST-GENERATION SPOT locator in 2013 and have carried it on my Camelbak ever since. The SPOT locator uses satellites to send messages and does not require cellphone service. Simply log on...

Christini 450DS AWD

All wheel drive (AWD) motorcycles are not new. Several companies have retrofitted existing machines with front drive systems, on a very limited production basis. Rokon has been building complete AWD bikes for...

Beta 390 RR-S – First Impression

BETA WAS ONCE ONLY KNOWN FOR TRIALS BIKES. In 2005, the Italian manufacturer began producing enduro models using KTM engines, replacing those with proprietary powerplants in 2010. Beta is now virtually on par with...


ADVENTURE TRANSLATES TO MOTORCYCLISTS in numerous ways. Some believe it’s riding off pavement into the dirt. Others find it a reason to mount electronic gadgets on their handlebars, simulating the cockpit of an F-16...

Honda Gold Wing

ARRIVAL IN TEXAS on a balmy 66-degree Monday afternoon.By 7 a.m. Tuesday, the roads were icy, and the day’s ride canceled.Texas shut down. Eighteen hours later,the rain and snow retreated and the roads thawed...

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