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Design Opportunity Missed

It has been a while since I deliberately kicked a hornets’ nest. For some time now, I have tried, and to an extent succeeded, to behave myself and not make waves. As someone whose...

Kawasaki Z900RS

WHEN FORD ROLLED OUT ITS REDESIGNED MUSTANG IN 2005 and Chevrolet did the same with its Camaro in 2009, the two car manufacturers resurrected design cues of their most popular versions from the muscle...

Stylish & Inexpensive: Suzuki GSX250R

The GSX-R badge  signifies a predisposition to covering lots of ground in a short time, however, Suzuki’s GSX250R only looks the part. The GSX250R shares the stylish lines of its namesake, but the  targeted consumer...
BMW K 1600 B

BMW K 1600 B: The Modern Bagger

BMW’s production K 1600 B bagger has finally landed in the U.S., targeting technology-focused bagger riders from other brands, as well as BMW enthusiasts. Based on the K 1600 GL and GTL platform, the K...
Ducati Multistrada 950

Ducati Multistrada 950

Multistrada is not just a romantic name. It’s a boast, a statement, an expression of confidence. Many types of terrain. Ducati’s Multistrada 950 is packed full of wizardry, allowing riders to scoot anywhere, at...

Zero FXS: Electric Supermoto

ZERO INTRODUCED THE ORIGINAL DS, dual-sport model. The FX dual-sport model added removable battery packs. The “cellbox” battery technology in the Z-Force allows a single battery to be used as a building-block for...
BMW R nineT Urban G/S

BMW R nineT Urban G/S

It wouldn’t be fair to say that BMW Motorrad missed the mark with its final iteration of five R nineT 1200cc models. On the contrary, the BMW R nineT Urban G/S, designed with a...
BMW R nineT Pure and Racer

BMW R nineT Pure and Racer

BMW Motorrad’s R nineT plan of attack is brilliant in its simplicity and leans heavily on a sampling of common sense. Study the market and find out what your customers like. Then, take a proven,...
Honda Rebel

Honda Rebel Returns

The Honda Rebel 250 was introduced in 1985. After 31-years, it was retired in 2016 and replaced by two motorcycles, the Rebel 300 and 500. The up-spec bikes are entirely new, sharing nothing with...
Kawasaki Z900 - photo: Drew Ruiz

Kawasaki Z900 Naked

Kawasaki identified steady sales growth in naked bikes and has put a laserlike focus on offering more performance, lower weight and better handling in the Z series. 2017 models already include the Z125 Pro...

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