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ADVENTURE TRANSLATES TO MOTORCYCLISTS in numerous ways. Some believe it’s riding off pavement into the dirt. Others find it a reason to mount electronic gadgets on their handlebars, simulating the cockpit of an F-16...

Honda Gold Wing

ARRIVAL IN TEXAS on a balmy 66-degree Monday afternoon. By 7 a.m. Tuesday, the roads were icy, and the day’s ride canceled. Texas shut down. Eighteen hours later,the rain and snow retreated and the...

Bike Shows–Where To Go

BIG MARKETING IS commonly branded as a “motorcycle show,” but the industry uses that term very loosely. The International Motorcycle Show (IMS) began in 1982 and is currently hosted annually in seven major U.S....

Americade Rally 2018

IT'S TRUE, I have attended the past 27 Americades. I still haven’t experienced all the activities offered at this landmark event, but considering my level of experience and involvement, I might be able to...

Readers’ Technical Questions

A friend advised I pick up a power pack jump starter this past summer, before I left on a cross-country ride of about 6000 miles. I selected a well-reviewed and not inexpensive unit on...

Bike Check

AFTER A DAY OF ROCK-HOPPING, bashing the skid plate and banging the handlebars, or even a soft-butt day of 400-500 miles on interstates, the last thing I want to do is crawl around on...

Intimate Involvement With Machines

IS YOUR MOTORCYCLE a twin? I don’t mean a V-twin, parallel twin or opposed twin. I mean your twin. Does it accurately and precisely reflect your real personality? Or does it represent the exact...

Troubleshooting a Motorcycle

Recently, a reader requested an explanation of how to troubleshoot motorcycle problems for the DIYer. That’s a tall order. After 25 years of fixing bikes, l have an experience base to know where to...

Living on a Shoestring

The loss of a motorcyclist’s wallet can make the most avid adventure seeker cry like a spoiled baby on a hot afternoon wearing a well-soiled diaper. A slick leather or textile wallet can easily...

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Deaths in Rider Training

A public complaint has been made against the Motorcycle Safety Foundation regarding the reporting of deaths in its motorcyclist "safety" training courses.

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