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    As my BMW ages and develops age and circa problems (when parts age out etc.), I was always proud of the fact that I had an independent mechanic that knew BMWs.  When I first went to him with my then 5 year old bike (an 1100 R) he regaled me with stories about his first one that his wife now rides.  Years later I got the 05 RT that I currently ride.  Over the last two years it has proven challenging to support this bike and I have made the statement many times, “If it weren’t for Peter’s shop, I would dump that thing.”  Well, I was just informed that Peter is moving his shop to the beach a good three hour trip away.  Yes, there are dealers closer (45 miles), but I sometimes feel as though they are not straight up with me.  Not that they lie, just not getting the full story.  So it looks like soon, I may be selling the BMW.  Should I wait for the next big $$ repair or just be safe to my wallet and sell in the spring?  Thoughts?

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