Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R for 2019


THE 2019 NINJA ZX-6R 636 was recently unveiled, with new features such as a Kawasaki Quick Shifter, twin LED headlights and taillights, high-grade instruments, Euro4 emissions compliant engine tuning and an optimized gear ratio. It also comes with a price starting just a hair below $10,000—$9,999 for the base model. The Ninja ZX-6R uses a cassette style transmission, for quick change of gear ratios on track days, and an all-new shorter fi nal gear ratio (15/43) for strong low-end on the street and on winding roads, all managed with an assist and slipper clutch.The 636 has Kawasaki’s supersport-grade ABS, three modes of traction control, plus eight power mode options. The Ninja ZX-6R comes in gray or black, while the Ninja ZX-6R ABS ($10,999) comes in gray, and the Ninja ZX-6R ABS KRT is $11,299 in Kawasaki Race Trim, predominantly the company’s signature lime green. kawasaki.com