Kawasaki Z900RS CAFE


THE Z900RS CAFE is based on the same retro platform introduced in late 2017, acclaimed for its throwback styling coupled with modern technology. The CAFE version comes with the same frame, same engine, same overall engineering as the root beer brown and orange Z900RS, but its wheelbase is about six inches shorter, it is about 3/4- inch taller in the seat and two pounds heavier. More obvious differences are:

• Cafe-racer style front cowl

• Black drop-style handlebar

• Café-racer style seat

• Brushed aluminum exhaust finish

• Lime green paint with white striping

In building the Z900RS CAFE, Kawasaki has once again produced a visually stunning retro-styled machine, paying homage to an era of motorcycles that shaped the Kawasaki brand. The CAFE takes styling cues from iconic Kawasaki models including the Kawasaki Z1-R, Eddie Lawson Replica KZ1000R, and GPz models, while incorporating modern technology and features. The sporty front fairing, black lowrise handlebars and iconic 4.5-gallon teardrop fuel tank were inspired by the styling of the Kawasaki Z1 and the Z1-R. Like the RS, the engine fins were cast onto the cylinder head to create the image of an air-cooled engine. As with the Z900RS, the CAFE targets riders touched by the nostalgic note of a popular Kawasaki era, but also packed with modern technology and handling. The Z900RS CAFE is powered by a 948cc inline-four engine, features a modern trellis frame, and modern suspension components, presumably with the same high performance of the RS. Indeed, the CAFE employs some of the sleek sweeping contours of the Z900RS. Kawasaki reports the Z900RS CAFE received the same meticulous attention to detail in its construction as its predecessors did, from the Z1 inspired teardrop gas tank to the simple uncluttered engine design, down to the sporty vintage inspired fairing and tail section. The CAFE is packed with technologically advanced components and features, including the 41 mm inverted front forks, assist and slipper clutch, Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC), and a specially tuned exhaust note. New features include a brushed stainless steel exhaust system, black low-rise handlebars, stepped seat, fairing, and new engine case covers. The Z900RS CAFE is available in Vintage Lime Green. kawasaki.com