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Beyond by Alisa Clickenger
Starting a Club—May
Getting a Sponsor—June
Your First Bike—July
Lessons in Adversity—August
Traveling Solo—September
Why Dirt?–October
The Art of Packing–November
Riding Clubs–December

Contact Patch by Fred Rau

Old Dog—January


T-shirt Memories—March

You Are What You Do—April

Inconsiderate Riders—May


Motorcycle Truths—July

Riding With Giants—August


Is the Rally Dead?–October

To Wave, or Not?–November

Cultural Triggers—December

Cycle Analysis by Dr. Mark Barnes


Seeing is Believing–February


The Exercise of Patience—April

Who’s to Say?—May


Harder Than It Looks—July

Reelin’ ‘N Dealin’—August

Our Own Masterpiece—September

A Course in Obstacles—October

The Disappearing Motorcyclist—November


Design by Glynn Kerr

Method to the Madness—January

Opportunity Missed—February

Crossing the Line—March

Are We Ready For Our Future?—April

Sound Familiar?—May

The Edsel Effect—June

The Naked Truth—July

Hands Off—August

Selling It With Slogans—September

The Empire Strikes Back—October

Motus Malaise—November

A Safer Motorcycle—December


The Best of Europe—March

Scotland’s North Coast 500—April


The Quail Gathering—July

Canada’s Cabot Trail—September

Barber Vintage Festival—October

Lane Motorsports Museum—November

Rocking Moab: Adventures in Utah—January

Tekonsha ZCI Wiring Kit—January

BMW Performance Center—February

Wheel Balancing—February

BMW Off-Road Training Center—March

Carb Tuning 101—April

Carb Tuning 201—May

Mosko Moto—June

Moto Richmond—June

Eurosports Asheville—June

Trail Tech Stator Upgrade—September

Asher Adventure Riding Academy—October

United Hatzalah—October

Helmet Hacks—November

Zero SR Mega-Commuting—December

INTERMOT 2018—December

First Impressions

Hugo Moto: custom Harley-Davidson—January

Kawasaki Z900RS—February

Honda Gold Wing—March

Royal Enfield Himalayan—May

Beta 390 RR-S—August

Christini 450DS All-Wheel Drive—September

Can-Am Ryker—November

Health Matters by Dr. Cary Tanner

Why Are My Fingers Numb? Part 1—January

Why Are My Fingers Numb? Part 2—March

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome—May

Why Are My Fingers Numb? Part 3—July

Why Are My Fingers Numb? Part 4—September

The Motorcyclist’s First-Aid Kit—November

Health Matters by Dr. Charles Rosen

Back to Backs (by Flash Gordon)—February

Why Does My Neck Hurt?—April

Neck Surgery—June

Brain Tumors—August

B-List Brain Tumors—October

Traumatic Brain Injury—December

High Sides by Russell Evans

Tri, Tri Again—January

Hog Heaven—February

Training Wheels—March

The Common Sense Approach—April

Shopping List—May

Detente, But to What End?—June

Getting Fit—July


True or False?—September

Lean Angle by David Hilgendorf

Legends by Joe Michaud
Peter Starr—January

Dave Ekins—February

Scot Harden—March

George Barber—April

Bill Dutcher—May

Geoff Fox—June

Jay Allen—July

Richard Pollock—August

Derek Dorresteyn—September

Allan Girdler—October

Bernard Juchli—November

Dale & Matt Walksler—December

Mechanic’s Mind by Kevin O’Shaughnessy
Sound Pulses—January

Fire Starters—February

Baking or Accessorizing—March

Adding Accessories—April

Carburetor Troubleshooting—May

Replacing Wheel Bearings—June

Carb vs. EFI Fueling—July

Safety Wire—August

Drum vs. Disc Brakes—September

Cable vs. Wire Throttle—October

Spoke vs. Mag Wheels—November

Cradle vs. Stressed Member Frames—December

Model Evaluations

2018 Triumph Street Triple—January

2018 BMW C-Evolution—January

2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob—February

2018 Honda CB650F—February

2018 Kawasaki Z900RS—March

2018 Indian Scout Bobber—March

2018 Aprilia Shiver 900—April

2017 Honda CB1100 EX—April

2018 Honda Gold Wing—May

2018 BMW G 310 R—May

2018 BMW G 310 GS—June

2018 Royal Enfield Himalayan—June

2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE—July

2018 Triumph Tiger 800 XCA—July

2018 KTM 390 Duke—August

2018 Suzuki Burgman 400—August

2018 Yamaha XSR700—September

2018 Moto Guzzi V7 III Carbon Dark—September

2018 Ducati Supersport S—October

2018 MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR—October

2018 Zero DSR—November

2018 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled—November

2019 Royal Enfield INT 650—December

Open Road by Dave Searle

Fuel Chemistry—January

Ideal Cylinder Boring—February

Piston Ring Science—March

Endangered Species: The Piston—April

Sixth Sense—May

Dan Gurney—June

Ideal Control Feel—July

Is it a Feature, or a Bug?—August

Self-Energizing Clutches—September

Wheel Alignment—October

Brand Loyalty—November

Spark Timing—December

Product Comparisons

Armored Jeans—July

Dustriders vs. Eastbound Hoists—August

Dual-Sport Tires—August

Wolfman vs. Giant Loop Saddlebags—December

Product Reviews

Stroker Trigger Fluid Control—February

HJC RPHA 70—February

Deer Screamer—February

Aerostich Utility Pants—February

Forma Adventure Low Boots—March

Oxford Montreal 2 Jacket—March

Warm & Safe Rider Classic Gloves—March

Nolan X-Lite X-1004 Modular—April

Rev-It Grand Boots—April

Warm & Safe Heat Layer Shirt—April

Ram Tough-Claw & X-Grip Mount—April

Jim Ford, “The Art of Riding Smooth”—May

Machineartmoto Advance Guards—May

BMW Airflow Pants—May

Touratech Destino ADV Boots—June

AMSOIL Chain Lube—June

VP Racing vs. Alco Bike Wash—June

MSR Layover Stand—July

Klim Dakar Pants—July

\Skene Photon Blaster Lighting—July

MSR Xplorer Summit Pants—August

Giant Loop Coyote Saddlebag—August

Ilium Works Versatile Highway Pegs—August

Jim Riepe, “Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words”—September

Arai Corsair X—September

Spot Locator—September

Brosh Optimal Jacket and Pants—October

Forcefield Body Armor Freelite—October

Scorpion Exo SG3 MKII Gloves—October

Frank J. Bott, “Motorcycle Porn”—November

Klim Marrakesh & Forecast Jackets—November

AGV SportModular Helmet—November

Olympia X-Moto 2—December

Strategy: Street by Walt Fulton

Safe Riding—January

Don’t Chill Out—February

Ready For Rain—March

Building Confidence in the Rain—April

Fighting a Bogus Traffic Citation—May

Challenges on Two Wheels—June

ABS: No Substitute for Skill and Practice—July

Myths and Bad Habits—August

Expect the Unexpected—September

In the Blink of an Eye—October

What is a Good Rider?—November

Anarchy: The New Normal—December

Strategy: Adventure by Dr. Gregory Frazier

Windshield Wisdom—January


Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing—March


Bike as Cargo: Pay the Freight—May

Top Case Adventures—June


Tank Bags—August

Bees: The Sting of Defeat—September

Monster Ties—October

Without Leaving the Pavement—November

Glove This—December

Strategy: Dirt by Gary LaPlante

Better Braking—January

Line Selection—February


Good Speed—April

Traction Control—May

Riding Ruts—June

Good Technique—July

Getting the Most Out of Your Clutch—August

Transferable Skills—September

Use Your Skills or Lose Them—October

Knee Position November Limit Testing—December

Strategy: Legal by Harry Deitzler

Bar That Served the Drunken Driver—January

Buyer Beware—February

Bogus Tickets—March

Lane Splitting—April

Modulating Brake Lights—May

Overloaded Truck—June


Blindsided and Paralyzed—August

Unmarked Construction—September

Big Rig Encounter—October

Uninspected Insurance—November

Bounced Check—December

Total Control by Lee Parks

Buying Online—January

Give a Shift—February

Motor Cyclical—March

Power of Three—April

Competition Drives Progress—May

Handling Conundrums—June

Good News About Safety—July

To Stroke or not Two-Stroke—August

The Art of Tight, Slow Turns—September

The Middle Step—October

Safety Culture, Swedish Style—November

The Death of the Motorcycle Show—December

Your Rights by Jim Halvorsen






Caught on Video—June

Keep On Trucking—July

Right or Privilege?—August

As We Say, Not Do—September

Laws Require Enforcement—October

Ear Protection—November

Vintage back cover

Kawasaki Z900RS—January

Honda CB750 Four—February

Honda VFR750R, Yamaha FZR 750RT—March

Vincent Black Lightning—April

Antique Motorcycle Club of America—May

Vintage Motorcycle Museum—June

Clymer Münch—July

Vintage Electric—August


McQueen’s Husqvarna 400 Cross—October

Henderson Board-Tracker—November

Bikes of the Stars—December


Contact Patch by Fred Rau
What I Don’t Know–January
Two Icons Power American Dream–February
Snapshots 2016–March
Off the Beaten Path: Just Plain Folks–April
They Might Have Gone Too Far–May
Motorcycling in Movies & TV–June
Motorcycling in Movies & TV, Part–July
Motorcycling in Movies & TV, Part 3–August
Stupid Products–September
Man Plans and God Laughs–October
Riding Habitually–November
Frugal Rider–December

Cycle Analysis by Dr. Mark Barnes
Matters of Size January
New Appreciation of Old Bikes February
Crazy Deals March
Deflating, Debilitating Depression April
Timing Adjustment May
A Good Story is Like a Good Ride June
Division, Hostility on the Rise July
Worth It August
Back in the Saddle October
Is Motorcycling a Disease: Redux November
Slowpokes December

Design by Glynn Kerr
BMW Next 100 Years January
EICMA: Two For the Show February
Just One Look: Branding March
No American Sportbikes April
Customization May
Fork in the Road: Autonomy June
The Start of Something Big: ADV July
Yes, We Can, But Should We August
What’s New, Not Much September
Worlds Away October
Adventure Calls November
Frame Works December

Spiegel, New York City January
Barber Vintage Festival, Alabama April
Lone Star Museum, Texas May
Backcountry Discovery Route, Colorado May
Garage Brewed, Ohio June
The Quail Gathering, California August
Italian Idyllic September
Bike Old Barn, Pennsylvania December

Register an Untitled Bike January
Wiring Diagrams, Part 2 January
Wiring Diagrams, Part 3 February
Streetmasters Training March
Olympia Riding Gear March
Revzilla: Internet Merchandise Monster April
Camping On 2 Wheels June
Horsepower & Torque, Part 1 June
Horsepower & Torque, Part 2 July
Stayin’ Safe Training August
Antique Motorcycle Club August
Testing Effects of UV September
Tire Talk October
Leading the Way October
A Bad Rap: Motorcyclists in Media November
Proficient Pillions November
Pillion Pointers Part 2 December

First Impressions
2017 BMW R nineT Scrambler January
2017 Kawasaki Z650 February
2017 BMW G 310 R February
2017 Indian Chieftain Elite May
2017 Kawasaki Z900 May
2017 Honda Rebel June
2017 BMW R nineT Pure & Racer July
2017 BMW R nineT Urban G/S September
2017 Ducati Multistrada 950 October
2018 BMW K 1600 B “Bagger” October
2018 GSX250R November

Health Matters by Dr. Cary Tanner
Rotator Cuff Shoulders Heavy Load January
Shoulder Pain Might Be Rotator Cuff March
Surviving a Broken Collarbone May
Shoulder Dislocation vs. Separation July
Elusive Elbow Pain September
Elbow Treatment October

Health Matters by Dr. Flash Gordon
I, Aye, Eye February
Too Old to Ride April
Is It Heartburn, or Something Worse? June
In Search of a Happy Ending August
Stress: Friend and Foe November

High Sides by Russell Evans
Getting Back on the Horse June
Twist and Shout July
Nostalgia, For Sale August
The Unusual Suspects September
The A-List October
Tough Job November
Good Vibration December

Lean Angle by David Hilgendorf
Change January
Platforms February
Brands March
USA April
Survey May
Motorcyclists June
Readers July
Disclosure August
Gearless September
14-44-74-04-34 October
Stories November
Economy December

Legends by Joe Michaud
Brian Slark January
Tom Horton February
Doug Domokos March
Debbie Evans May
Brad Lackey July
Sonny Nutter September
Dan Haaby November

Mechanic’s Mind by Kevin O’Shaughnessy
Intake Sync January
Valve Timing February
Chain Final Drive March
Belt Final Drive April
Shaft Final Drive May
Suspension Tuning June
Setting Suspension Sag July
Troubleshooting 101 August
Damper Rod Forks September
Cartridge Forks October
Extreme Suspension November
Fork Innovations December

Media Reviews
Blu-ray: Brittens At Barber April
Book: Head Check: What It Feels Like to Ride
Motorcycles – Jack Lewis May
Book: The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling –
Lynda Lahman May
Book: Revved! Obsessions of a Midlife
Motorcyclist – Stuart Kirk June

Model Comparisons
BMW R nineT Scrambler vs. Moto Guzzi V7 II
Stornello vs. Yamaha SCR950 February
Triumph Bobber vs. Moto Guzzi V9
Bobber vs. Harley-Davidson Roadster May
Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited vs. H-D Freewheeler
vs. Polaris Slingshot SL vs. Tilting Motor Works
vs. Ural Gear-Up June
Kawasaki Z900 vs. Yamaha FZ-09 August

Model Evaluations
2016 Honda Africa Twin January
2017 Yamaha FZ-10 January
2017 Kawasaki Z650 March
2017 Moto Guzzi MGX-21 March
2017 KTM Super Duke GT April
2017 H-D CVO Pro Street Breakout April
2017 Indian Chieftain Elite July
2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod July
2017 BMW R nineT Racer August
2017 Ducati Multistrada Enduro September
2017 Triumph Street Scrambler September
2017 KTM 690 Duke October
2017 BMW R nineT Urban G/S October
2018 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 November
2017 Ducati Multistrada 950 November
2018 H-D Ultra Classic December
2018 Suzuki GSX250R December

Novice Notes by Megan Stewart
From Four Wheels to Two January
Turning a Corner, On the Track February
So You Want to Ride a Motorcycle March
Weather or Not, to Ride April

Open Road by Dave Searle
Brake Fluid Tech January
Action Photography Basics February
Action Photography Tips & Tricks March
GDI Might Power the Next Generation April
Friction Reduction May
Links to the Future June
Energy Recovery/Regenerative Braking July
Future Bike Technology August
Two-Stroke Setback September
Transformers October
The Great Octane Myth November
Anti-Knock Agents December

Product Comparisons
Seat Pads: Beaded vs. Sheepskin vs. Gel-Filled
vs. Air-Filled vs. Hybrid May
Helmets: Bell Star & Qualifier, HJC RPHA 11 Pro,
Nexx XT1 Carbon Zero, Scorpion AT950 & Covert,
Shark Race-R Pro, Shoei Neotec July
Compressors: Cycle Pump, Double Tough,
MotoPressor, MotoPumps Airshot & Mini Pro,
Slime Standard & Top Off August

Product Reviews
Sidi Deep Rain Boots January
Alpinestars Eloise Air Jacket January
Motoport Racing Gloves January
BMW City 2 Riding Pants January
Alpinestars Corozal ADV Boots February
Hitch Clamp February
Cyclops CGX2 Action Cam February
Nelson-Rigg Magnetic Tank Bag February
Aerostich Roadcrafter Two-Piece March
Fasst Flexx Bars March
California Heat Heated Gloves March
Motion Pro Rim Shield II March
ReadyRamp Bed Extender April
Scorpion EXO-GT3000 April
Wolfman Luggage Wolfy Escape Pack April
Bursig Center-Lift Stand May
H-D Brodman Boots May
Honda Garage Perfect Squeeze Mount June
Olympia New Horizon Rain Gear June
VentureHeat Jacket Liner & Gloves June
Madstad Windscreen August
Innov K1 Video System September
National Vstream+ Touring Shield September
Scorpion Seattle Overpants September
BMW Downtown Jacket September
Acmemoto2 Hard Luggage October
AltRider Dual-Control Brake Pedal October
NEBO Big Larry Led Light October
Indian Entry & Semi Pro Sunglasses October
Lee Parks Deersports PCI Gloves November
Enduristan Sandstorm 3S Tankbag November
DBPower NO1 Jump Starter November
Indian Drifter Jacket & 183MPH Tee November
Sena 20S Evo Bluetooth System December
Fatheadz Bigg Daddy Sunglasses December
Aerostich Cousin Jeremy Suit December

Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough
Survive: Avoid & Evade January
Going Down is Trending Up February
Be Safe, Be Alert, Be Prepared March
Retirement is the Last Word April
Strategy: Street David Hough
Impatient Drivers January
Loose Loads February
Train Crossings March
Dumb Stunts April

Strategy: Street by Walt Fulton
Look, Plan and Ride Ahead May
The Force is Rarely With Us June
Don’t Hog the Road: Group Rides July
Protect Yourself From the Heat August
Habits of Success September
Emergency Braking: Worth the Time October
Coming in Hot November
Crossroads Conflict December

Strategy: Adventure by Dr. Gregory Frazier
Keep Gear on the Down Low January
Adventure Helmet Myths February
Setting a Travel Budget March
Don’t Lose Your Assets April
Sinking Sidestands May
Back Support Belt June
Holy Inner Tubes July
Be Prepared to Go It Alone August
Keep Your Bags on a Tight Leash September
Helmets: Hang, Hide or Hold October
Oh, No! The Tow November
Bike Check December

Strategy: Dirt by Gary LaPlante
Off-Road Riding Helps on Street January
Riding Heavy Bikes Off-Road February
The Lite Side of Dual-Sport March
Use Front Brake For Maximum Power April
Adjust Your Bike to Fit May
Checklist, for the Trail and for Life June
Stand & Deliver July
Let It Slide August
Throttle, Brake & Clutch September
Hill Climbing October
Body English November
Visual Habits December

Strategy: Legal by Harry Deitzler
Slam Dunks January
Full Coverage February
Motorcycle Ban Looks Shaky March
Skirting Recalls April
Who Needs a Lawyer, Anyway May
Animal Encounters June
Hit and Run Horrors July
Getting the Guilty Party to Pay August
Liability on Test Rides September
Insurance October
Injured Girlfriend Could Sue November
Diminished Value December

Total Control by Lee Parks
Back in the Saddle, at MCN January
WYSIWYG February
Trail Braking Intro March
Trail Braking For Control & Safety April
SPAT Spells Success May
Entering the Turn June
Slow Steering, Fifty-Pencing July
Improvement Begins on Mental Side August
Choosing the Right Bike September
Improving Handling with Geometry October
Motorcycle Laws vs. Efficacy November
A Culture of Safety December

Your Rights by Megan Ekstrom
Fighting for Our Place at the Table January
The Road to Zero February
We Gained Legal Ground in 2016 March
We Have a Seat at the Kid’s Table April

Your Rights by Jim Halvorsen
Motorcycle Checkpoints May
What Cops Look For June
Dealing With Law Enforcement July
After the Stop: Police Science August
Organized Rides September
Gear Up: You’ll be Glad You Did October
Goodwill November
Crash Protocol December

Vintage back cover
1921 Megola Tourer January
1936 Vincent HRD Series A Rapide February
1937 Crocker Small Tank March
1943 Kleines Kettenkraftrad HK 101 April
1936 Indian Chief May
1946 Vespa June
1949 Vincent White Shadow July
1929 Rikuo “Road King” August
1950 BMW R25 September
1977 Jawa October
1951 Vincent Black Lightning November
1914 Henderson Model C December