New Indian 1200 models


THE LONG-AWAITED production version of Indian’s dominating flat-tracker was recently unveiled, and while certain concessions had to be made, the results are visually stunning. The exposed Indian Red frame enclosing the V-twin engine and single side-mounted red spring set the tone for exciting styling that screams ‘Indian.’ The two-tiered seat, bulging headlight and hulking twin-chamber exhaust cans notwithstanding, Indian’s designers succeeded in producing a bike that is distinctive and unique in the marketplace—not as common as one might think, given the herd mentality across the transportation industry. The base model 1200, in black and without full infotainment setup, starts at $12,999. The 1200S starts at $14,999 and includes a 5-inch infotainment readout and suspension upgrade. Race Replica model adds a tricolor paint upgrade to the 1200S package, for $15,999.