1917 Henderson board tracker


An ultra-rare 1917 Henderson four-cylinder “board-tracker” sold for $159,500 in August at the Mecum Monterey auction. The year 1917 marked the last for true Hendersons, built by passionate visionaries William and Tom Henderson in Detroit. Henderson motorcycles were not known as much for racing as for quality of construction, reliability and elegance. Carl Stearns Clancy rode one around the world in 1912. Yet, many of Henderson’s remarkable fours were modifi ed for racing. This particular racer has no suspension front or rear, as was the norm on the boards. It also features a single-speed countershaft transmission and chain fi nal drive, also the norm. This board-track racer is an older restoration that was purchased from the Dubec Collection Auction in Paris in 2007. It was discovered in a German collection, where it had lived for more than 40 years.