Book Review: “Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling”


Even in modern times, girls and women are told that they cannot do certain things. It takes a toll on our confidence and other interests, such as motorcycling. I wanted to be a motorcyclist, but I was repeatedly told, “No.” I still remember the power and the confidence I felt when I first got on a bike and I started figuring it out.

“Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling” not only dispels the naysayers, but also provides the tools and resources to boost our confidence and abilities, both on and off the bike. Alisa’s “you can do it” attitude is the key. She is genuine and passionate about her mission to empower women through motorcycling. This book is a step-by-step manual that helps even the apprehensive get onto a bike and go farther than they ever imagined. Alisa once found her life upside down and spinning.

However, she has devoted the last two decades to following her passion, becoming an accomplished and confident motorcyclist, and empowering others to ride. After becoming a motorcyclist, Alisa turned her life into something beautiful, finding confidence and her life’s purpose. The book documents the skills she has learned from her journey. Alisa explores each step with a unilaterally positive and motivational approach. She outlines each step in a clear path to reaching our motorcycling nirvana, starting with ourselves, before moving to bigger adventures. She challenges readers to reboot and remember, “you are enough.”

Immediately drawn in by her intimate and humble style, it felt as if I’d known her for years. The book is Alisa’s invitation to a supportive partnership with all women riders and shows a genuine dedication to that mission. Alisa personally invests herself into the reader’s riding improvement with direct access via email, as well as through her associated groups and resources. Alisa’s dedication to the empowerment of women through motorcycling manifests as an expertly conceived plan of confidence building.

As riding confidence increases, it organically transfers to all areas of our lives. Alisa invites us to unite and be complicit in this empowerment. She encourages us to share our wisdom, resources, and most importantly, understand and remain true to ourselves. The potential is there inside all of us. This book makes confidence-building tangible, attainable, and sustainable. We are enough. We can do anything we set our minds to. We need to trust and know ourselves first. Someone else’s goal doesn’t need to be our own. Alisa’s explicit instruction, inspirational tone, and plethora of resources make this book indispensable for any female motorcyclist. —Jane Schluter or