Stroker Trigger fuel filler aid


We’ve used other products designed to reduce the awkwardness of filling a bike’s gas tank with a clumsy, heavy, five-gallon fuel jug; see our review of Pit Posse’s Spout Bender (MCN, 9/13) or Google the Hose Bender from Risk Racing. These use a wire tether to hold the jug’s flexible spout at a fixed 90-degree angle, thereby reducing the likelihood of spillage. They also leave both hands free to support the weight of the jug and control its tilt. These have proven very useful aids, but managing fuel flow is still tricky while balancing 32 pounds of sloshing liquid and keeping an eye on the rising level of gasoline in a tank’s shadowy interior. Stroker Industries’ Trigger Fluid Control System supplies another type of spill prevention with a conveniently operated valve positioned at the base of the jug’s spout. Though stiffly sprung and not exactly a “trigger,” the push-button mechanism effectively regulates the flow of fuel exiting the jug, and does so more precisely than is possible by merely adjusting the container’s angle, since flow through the valve isn’t vulnerable to surging with shifts in the fuel’s weight distribution. Just keep the jug’s bottom high enough to feed the valve and modulate the tank filling speed with the button. Adding to the smoothness and controllability of fluid transfer is the Trigger’s self-venting action. A short straw, tipped with a one-way valve, extends from the mechanism’s upstream end. This allows air to enter the jug in place of the flowing fuel without turbulent gurgling in the hose. The jug’s built-in vent remains closed, eliminating steps before and after use, along with any concern that fuel might escape during operation. At $26.99, this U.S.-made product is a bit pricy, but still worthy of inclusion in your garage or trailer. Now, if only someone would make a spout with both a valve and a hose-positioning tether, that would be the ultimate fueling experience upgrade!