IN A NOD TO THE CURRENT CRAZE for everything retro, Aerostich’s new
Cousin Jeremy suit is essentially a Roadcrafter Classic constructed
of a lovely deep tan 10-ounce waxed cotton, with additional layers
of the same material in the impact areas (shoulders, elbows, and knees)
for extra abrasion resistance. It is a stunningly beautiful suit, and one
could be forgiven for lusting after it based on aesthetics alone. Luckily,
as anyone who has ridden with a Roadcrafter suit knows well, this
proven design is nothing if not unapologetically functional.

THE JACKET’S NINE EXTERIOR POCKETS provide copious storage for sundries and an included metal carabiner sewn into the left breast pocket proved convenient for keeping keys. The collar is lined with a very soft material and height adjustable via snap fittings. The familiar vents in the underarm and back areas from the Roadcrafter are present and prove effective for summer riding, especially if combined
with cooling base layers. The interior is lined with a nylon material dubbed “supernyl,” which was comfortable and wore like iron over my 12-month-long testing regimen. There is one internal pocket on the right breast which is sealed via hook and loop fasteners. The matching pants feature the same basic construction, with 10-ounce waxed cotton exterior shell and “supernyl” liner. The pants also feature an integrated 2-inch wide adjustable belt for fine tuning the fitment. Two main pockets and one smaller one on the right thigh add even more storage to the suit

OVERSIZED, WATERPROOF zippers run up the entire length of the inside legs to allow for easy on/off, even with bulky ADV boots on. Pass-throughs with waterproof zippers allow convenient access to your inner pant pockets, for when you inevitably forget your keys are in there until after suiting up. This suit can be heavily armored throughout. Aerostich’s own TF3 viscoelastic pads protect the shoulders, elbows and knees, but hip and back pads are optional. The armor is on the bulky side, but very reassuring in that it covers very large areas, especially the back pad, which measured a whopping 22 inches high on the size 40L test jacket. Its width of 7.5 inches is reserved for the lower back and it thins out to 4.5
inches wide from the mid back upward. The Cousin Jeremy’s abundant armor coverage and thick exterior shell makes it feel initially stiff. It takes time to break a ‘Stich in, but after a few weeks of daily commuting, things loosen up and somehow feel like they’ve molded
around your body, almost like a second skin.

ATTRACTIVE AND EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL for commuting or touring, the CJ should last over a decade in daily use. Made in America and available in black or brown as a $667 jacket, $587 pant, $1,127 one-piece or $1,154 two-piece suit. Add $35 refl ective panels, $87 back armor, $80 hip armor or fi t customizations, if desired.

$1,154, as tested,



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