HJC RPHA 70 Helmet


This is slowly becoming my favorite. It’s all about the fit. I tested a full-face HJC Riberte and a DS-X dual sport model. Neither came close to fitting as well as this one; I felt only a few contact points around my head. With the new RPHA 70, I feel just the right amount of snug, even pressure all around my oval-shaped bean. HJC says the RPHA series is constructed of PIM+ materials, for a strong shell with significant weight reduction. It does feel slightly more compact than previous models I’ve tried, and it’s got some great features, starting with the ventilation. HJC reworked its Advanced Channeling Ventilation System to flow with upright-style riding for touring and downward angle for sport with a hybrid top vent that adjusts itself, depending on angle. This kind of “great for everything” feature rarely works, but it seems to with the RPHA 70, with intake and exhaust in the same venting.

Construction is reinforced with carbon and carbonglass hybrid fabric that is anti-bacterial with moisturewicking and quick-trying qualities. The crown and cheek pads are removable for cleaning. The anti-fog visor and internal sun shield work well, the latter with a progressive sun shield actuation control (not a Transitions-type photochromic shield). This one is progressive in the sense that the rider can bring down the inner-mounted sun shield as low as desired with a slider on the lower left exterior of the lid. HJC says the RPHA 70 ST shield seals completely to prevent rain and noise from entering the helmet, with a two-step locking system. Haven’t seen any rain in a while out in California, but the noise suppression is substantial and appreciated. The design accommodates eyeglasses and sunglasses easily, and the included chin curtain helps keep out dust and moisture. DOT/ECE. Sizes XS-2XL. $399.99.  hjchelmets.com