Arai Corsair X


ARAI’S CORSAIR X REPRESENTS the Japanese manufacturer’s top of the line offering, and it’s quite a lid! Its Peripheral Belting & Structural Net Composite 2 (PB-SNC2) shell is hand-built from Arai’s latest generation of proprietary synthetic fibers and resins, with a continuous curve radius of 75mm. The Variable Axis System (VAS) allows for easy visor swaps—something riders don’t normally associate with Arai.

The standard clear shield exceeds ANSI Z87.1/VESC-8 standards and features a Pinlock anti-fog insert, as well as a robust locking mechanism to keep it shut at high speeds. A tinted shield is also included. Ventilation is plentiful, with three 3-position intake scoops on the crown, two eyebrow vents on the shield, and one large 3-position chin port all working in concert to keep air flowing through to the multiple exhausts on the rear of the helmet.

The interior features Arai’s “Intermediate Oval” shape, a favorite among American riders. A multidensity EPS liner with fully removable “Eco-Pure” anti-microbial fabric liner feels luxurious and, as usual for Arai, the various internal foam pads are replaceable with different sizes for a truly customizable fit. The removable chin curtain is substantial, effectively reducing air intake in that area.

The Corsair X is Arai’s torchbearer for the company’s well-deserved reputation for quality, with exquisite fit and finish. At this price, riders have high expectations, but they will be most likely be exceeded. Our test helmet’s intricate multicolor paint work was deep and rich, with a glossy finish that held up flawlessly over our 12-month commuting regimen. The faceshield and vents actuated with a smooth precision, and the internal liner was positively plush. In short, everything the rider feels and sees radiates world-class design and construction.

Out on the road, the Corsair X was superb in every measure. The interior’s Eco-Pure liner was comfortable after many hundreds of miles in the saddle, and there was plenty of room for my comm’s speakers in the shell recesses. Air circulation was fantastic in hotter weather, although I did wish for slightly larger vent toggles for winter glove actuation. Weighing in at a svelte 3.6 pounds for my size L test model, this helmet’s light-weight reduced fatigue on high mileage days, and its aerodynamic shape kept wind noise and buffeting to a minimum. I had a Corsair V as my personal helmet for years, and the Corsair X is an evolutionary improvement that is superior in every way to its legendary predecessor. Arai’s Corsair X is DOT FMVSS 218 and Snell M2015 certified and is available in XS-XXL sizes. Solid color MSRP starts at $849.95, with racer-replica paint schemes commanding higher premiums.