Shoei NEOTEC II Bluetooth Flip-up helmet


THE NEOTEC II helmet, new to the North American market, can be equipped with a specially developed, SENA-exclusive SRL Bluetooth Communication System designed for seamless integration with the NEOTEC II. The NEOTEC II is a “flip-up” modular helmet with improved aerodynamics, an internal sun shield, the Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system, and additional noise barriers, plus the ability to seamlessly integrate with the all-new SENA SRL (SHOEI Rider Link) Communication System. The NEOTEC II’s flip-up chin bar and face shield have been further refined, and a new dual locking system offers better holding power when in the full open position. Also new is the CNS-3 base plate system with airtight beading that keeps out water, dust and unwanted airflow. The QSV-1 internal sun shield fends off 99 percent of harmful UV rays. SENA’s exclusive SRL Communication System is tailored specifically to the NEOTEC II helmet. When installed, the SRL is virtually undetectable from the outside of the helmet, and functions with a simple 3-button control. Installation and deployment is user-friendly. NEOTEC II helmet: $699 in solid and metallic colors; $799 with graphics. Sena SRL Unit: $299.


  1. Helmet is very important for every rider for their safety but when a helmet came with bluetooth communication system life becomes great, this help to attend any important calls.


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